Sunday, February 10, 2008

10/5/07 Finished 11:30 PM

I’ve got a secret-to be

Divulged in the dark

Told at twilight

Spoken in silence

It’s late right now

I’m not tired I can never get tired

On the weekends

There is no you

So I’m up at the kitchen table

Confessing a secret to a lined sheet

Ink cannot be erased

Today; every day, we are inches, feet, millimeters away

But not together

The glass is always half-empty

And distance is defined by

Being Love is fickle with change apart

And maybe tonight, if you haven’t driven to the beach

Or the city

You might be in the same town

And you could be awake at night; And

If we were lovers

I would be amazed at the close proximity

But tonight


and As soon as we are sure I

are of a man's attachment, we become indifferent apart

As soon as our hearts are contiguous

And our minds run parallel

Our souls will touch


  1. Many points to the discoverer of this poem's mystery!
    Just a cool secret
    Har har har...

  2. I think I know...
    I remember when you first read me this poem about a month ago. I can tell you worked on it and you've done a great job. It's perfect and visually great as well. I couldn't help but read those spaced words slower and actually felt the distance and slowing of time, like I'm sure the weekends feel when apart from you know who. Beautiful job Em!
    Sis Green