Monday, December 29, 2008

Otras cosas...

So... a couple weeks ago, I was at a choir performance in Palm Springs when my friend "Joe" came up to me and said, "Okay, Emily, brace yourself."
"Okay..." I said obliviously.
"We all got into All-State!" said Joe. (Meaning himself, the other guy who was in regional, and I)
Upon which, I literally squealed. A lady who  had been talking to us about our performance said something about insurance. :)
Anyway, it will be in March and I am very excited, of course! You are all invited to come and see me in the choir. I am sure it will be sensational!
I have more to tell, but I will do it when I have pictures to illustrate.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

It is SO the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Merry Christmas!!!

And I would just add- FINALLY. I think I have been anticipating this season since about July. Thank goodness it's here. I'm already doing my best to be nicer to everyone and make changes for the better in my life. Forget the election (I couldn't vote in it anyway); Christmas is officially a time for change. I challenge everyone who actually reads this blog to find one way to make the world a little better, no matter what you're celebrating. Visit relatives you haven't seen in a while, volunteer at a soup kitchen, and if you can handle it, begin the process of mending severed ties with someone you used to be friends with. After all, how can we have peace on earth without peace in high school?

Or whatever microcosm of the world you're part of. High school is just my case.

Anyway, this Christmas is going to be amazingly joyful. It's my last one living at home (hopefully, Mom generally adds here) since I'll be off to college next year. It should be full of school choir performances, church choir practices and concert, gift giving, charity, and a lot of new realizations about Christmas for me. I'm reading the New Testament right now, so I'm looking out for epiphanies.

You have a Merry Christmas too! This season (and anything, really) will be what you make it- what you want it to be! I'm sure it will be wonderful. :)