Friday, March 21, 2008

Boring Boreful Boredilicious


Today, Mom drove me home from school (last day before spring break- yess).

For question 1, Choose the best answer of the following options:

1. Then she went back to the Tennis Gardens, leaving me at home alone and _______.

a. happy
b. bored
c. excited

I watched Monk on T.V.
Then I got even more bored, so I took out my dad's Mac and recorded Ave Maria with piano and vocals.
I made Rice Krispies Treats.
I got out the anthology of Billy Joel music videos and watched some of those.
Dad came home and we went to Grandma's house. That was actually fun.
And now I am home again.

(your bland adjective here)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Rant of the ____________

Fill in the blank. I am so apathetic right now I can't come up with a subject.

As Mom and I would say, "Dial Tone..."

Saturday, March 1, 2008


This is NOT part of the poem- but just as a prologue, I wrote this on Monday this week. I showed it to my English teacher this Friday and she wanted me to submit it to COD's (the community college's) Literary Arts Magazine, called Solstice. Today I went to their communications office and it was closed. So I wrote a whole bunch of criteria on the back, since I didn't have a submission form, and slid this under the door.

2/25/08 1:16 pm

My mind’s gone numb

I know I loved you once

But in the brevity of moments
When the tones change outcomes
-Those sickening several words--

And maybe your character’s been like this the whole time

But you’re so enigmatic
Contrary to reason, I have to believe in you
Against the words of honest people
-And the best wishes of friends--

I can’t stand this feeling

Sometimes I wonder if all this time
I've been in love with an imaginary boy
Whose soul I've stapled behind your face