Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Okay.  In the event that I do get in to Open Call (which I find out about tonight) I will need a dress. Also, when I go to Mormon Prom (and normal prom) this year, I will need a dress. These will, in all probability, be the same dress. And I am already scouring the internet for the right one. So what about these?



The site says the purple one and the red one are in good condition. Not so much for the green, but I really like the color. :/ What do you think, reader(s)?

Friday, February 20, 2009

The World is Really An Awesome Place

I GOT IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009


OHMYGOSH. Applications are all in, first semester is over, and everyone in high school has senioritis and is SO READY for college. NOW! I've already been accepted to Idaho and Hawaii, but, of course, BYU's admission decision is the last to come. They started sending letters beginning this Monday, and the last day to find out is February 27th. I want to go there so much. They have the most amazing English and Music programs ever, which is what I'm double majoring in. Plus their Honors program is super awesome and makes me ecstatic just thinking about it.

Well, I have to go start learning my music for All-State in March. Hooray music!

Friday, February 6, 2009

My Audition

I know the suspense has been killing you, reader, so here is what transpired at my Open Call audition last night.
Mom drove me to the McCallum around 8:30, since the email I got from them said to be there fifteen minutes early. My audition was at nine. I was wearing a white scoopneck blouse, a navy pencil skirt, and these new heels I got a few weeks ago. (I'm just saying... I put thought into this. I had to look like a gorgeous prodigy composer, whether I really am or not.)
When we arrived, I went in the back door of the theatre, signed in, and went to the green room. (Luckily, I had a performance there in December with my choir, so I was already familiar) The Varsity Dance Team from my high school was there, and had just tried out, and so I said hi to the girls I knew. Also, the kid who won last year (who's about a year younger than me, I think) and his two sisters were all there. 
I felt kind of embarrassed that I didn' t know anyone really well. Plus, all these people had at least some experience with Open Call, so I was a bit inept in comparison. The audition before mine was the guy and his sisters; they played a very cool trio all together on the piano, even though I only heard a little of it when someone opened the door. I stayed in the green room and talked to one of the girls from the dance team and pretty soon, I was alone in the Green Room. I was the last one to audition.
When a lady came in and told me I was next, I walked through the stage door and out to center stage, trying to keep good posture and look confident, and said,
"Good evening; my name is Emily Brown. I am seventeen years old; I'm from Rancho Mirage, and I will be performing a piece I composed called, 'June Impression.'"
Then I walked over to the piano, sat down and took a deep breath, placing my fingers on the keys.
Then I took another breath, and began to play.
The first thought I had was how beautiful the tone of the piano was. It was a Steinway, and while the keys appeared somewhat worn, the piano was spectacularly in tune, with a clear, smooth tone unlike any piano I have ever played before. I kept my shoulders back and concentrated on dynamics, remembering to keep certain bits stacatto.
Somewhere near the middle, and slowest part of the piece I felt somewhat nervous and started shaking a little. The muscles of my calf were spastically quivering while I held down the sustain pedal. I plunged myself in the music, and finished the piece with some small mistakes.
When I was done, I lifted my fingers from the keys gently, (which my piano teachers have been trying to teach me to do as long as I can remember) and stood up. The judges applauded politely. I said, "Thank you," though maybe not audibly enough, bowed, and began to walk off stage.
"Emily," said one of twenty or thirty judges. This one was a guy, about fifty, to my right.
I stopped.
"Are you classically trained?"
"Yes, I am," I replied.
"Who are some of your favorite composers?"
"Mmm...Chopin, Debussy...I have a favorite piece by Grieg," I trailed.
"Yes," he said. "That piece reminded me so much of Debussy."
I smiled again, said "Thank you," bowed, while they applauded again, and walked off stage.
On the way out, the guy in charge of sound said goodbye to me; so did some other people. I went back to the Green Room and got my bag. Another guy said goodbye and asked if I got my tape and then laughed when he realized I obviously didn't have a tape. Coming to the back door, I said goodbye to the guy at the front desk, and then pushed my way into the cold air outside.
And then- it was as if there was not enough air in the world. I literally started gasping for breath, shaking all over and crying. All I could think about was how much I wanted this, to get in to the show and perform my piece for everyone who would listen. I kept this up, until I got to the car. Then I took another breath, smiled, and got in to tell Mom how it went.
Hopefully I made it, guys. Everyone cross your fingers!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!
By the way, I want a piano just like this one:

It's got an interesting story behind it, too. Click on the picture for a link! :)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Rhymes with Coeppen (a rare surname in the U.S.) Thrall

Unscramble the letters to figure out this phrase!

celp anlo

Can you decode this clever anagram?


27. Of the following responses, choose the best answer:

What is the name of the Coachella Valley wide talent show, hosted by the McCallum Theatre?

a. Free For All, a title which makes clear the fact that all amateur performers are invited to participate.
b. Big and Small, which means people of all sizes are free to join in the show.
c. Open Call, a name which basically sucks but reflects the idea nonetheless.

If you chose answer "A," you are for human rights! Congratulations! You should be a Libertarian, since Libertarians are awesome and they wish the government would leave everyone's rights alone.
If you chose answer "B," you are probably short or tall and wish more talent shows would accomodate your size.
If you chose answer "C," you have something in common with the staff of the McCallum Theatre, since they chose that name over the vastly superior "Free for All." (Plus, also, wouldn't it be cool if the show was at the Civic Center Park and it was actually free?)

Yes, reader. The correct answer to all three questions and the title is...
Open Call.

This year, it is vaguely important to me that I get into Open Call. I've never tried out before, and since I'm off to college next year, this is sort of my last chance. I sent in an audio recording of "June Impression," one of my compositions, and as of Thursday night, I have made it to the next level: Live Auditions. So now I've been practicing my song over and over, trying to act like I have some level of stage presence. I just want them to know that this is really important. This is my composition. My baby! If they don't pick me, it's like a diss to my life's work!

Which brings me to the fact that when I finally grow up, I want to write scores for movies. To practice, I am going to buy movies, strip the sound from them, and then write new soundtracks. I think that will be really fun. :)

In entirely unrelated news, I have basically memorized Dylan Thomas's "Fern Hill," my new favorite poem, with less than seventeen mess-up points. Thus:
"Now as I was young and easy under the apple boughs,
About the lilting house and happy as the grass was green...
Umm. As the grass was green...

I actually do know the next line. That's just a scenario of what it's like at different points in the poem. Very scary.

Anyway, everyone please cross your fingers that I make it into Open Call!