Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Rhymes with Coeppen (a rare surname in the U.S.) Thrall

Unscramble the letters to figure out this phrase!

celp anlo

Can you decode this clever anagram?


27. Of the following responses, choose the best answer:

What is the name of the Coachella Valley wide talent show, hosted by the McCallum Theatre?

a. Free For All, a title which makes clear the fact that all amateur performers are invited to participate.
b. Big and Small, which means people of all sizes are free to join in the show.
c. Open Call, a name which basically sucks but reflects the idea nonetheless.

If you chose answer "A," you are for human rights! Congratulations! You should be a Libertarian, since Libertarians are awesome and they wish the government would leave everyone's rights alone.
If you chose answer "B," you are probably short or tall and wish more talent shows would accomodate your size.
If you chose answer "C," you have something in common with the staff of the McCallum Theatre, since they chose that name over the vastly superior "Free for All." (Plus, also, wouldn't it be cool if the show was at the Civic Center Park and it was actually free?)

Yes, reader. The correct answer to all three questions and the title is...
Open Call.

This year, it is vaguely important to me that I get into Open Call. I've never tried out before, and since I'm off to college next year, this is sort of my last chance. I sent in an audio recording of "June Impression," one of my compositions, and as of Thursday night, I have made it to the next level: Live Auditions. So now I've been practicing my song over and over, trying to act like I have some level of stage presence. I just want them to know that this is really important. This is my composition. My baby! If they don't pick me, it's like a diss to my life's work!

Which brings me to the fact that when I finally grow up, I want to write scores for movies. To practice, I am going to buy movies, strip the sound from them, and then write new soundtracks. I think that will be really fun. :)

In entirely unrelated news, I have basically memorized Dylan Thomas's "Fern Hill," my new favorite poem, with less than seventeen mess-up points. Thus:
"Now as I was young and easy under the apple boughs,
About the lilting house and happy as the grass was green...
Umm. As the grass was green...

I actually do know the next line. That's just a scenario of what it's like at different points in the poem. Very scary.

Anyway, everyone please cross your fingers that I make it into Open Call!

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