Saturday, November 28, 2009


It's only 12:17 right now in Arizona, and nearly everyone is asleep.
I remember when I was eight years old and used to think that nine was late. I'd be up at night with my little light on, reading Harry Potter books and thinking I was so mature to be awake at ten o' clock. The house was dark and everyone else was already asleep.
My cousins' house is so quiet now. It makes me wonder if my mind determines lateness by how much things slow down. At school, it feels like nothing ever slows down.
Well, I'm heading back tomorrow. See you again in a few weeks, family. :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Also, if you visit today, could you try and leave a comment on this or the next post? I need to know whether comments are fixed yet, since I've been having complaints about that!
Thanks so much! :)

10 Things I've Been Doing Lately

Hello, my dears! So much has happened in the past month or whatever that I think I will just make a list.
1. Last Friday, I bought my first pair of TOMS. TOMS is a wonderfully humanitarian company that gives a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair of shoes you buy from them. It's really a beautiful thing. I bought the Aira Cordones, and they're adorable!
2. Registration has begun at last. It's pretty near impossible to get exactly what you want; therefore, I'm enrolled in Psych 111 and trying switch it for an impossibly full creative writing class.
3. My roommate Charne and I Skyped each other from adjacent rooms yesterday. It was hilarious.
4. I have written a new Sestina and a Villanelle, which are both really good.
5. I was accepted into BlazeVOX Fall 2k9 yesterday! Once the issue is up, please read my three poems here.
6. I finally have a job as an accompanist for a friend of mine. He's taking voice lessons here and needed someone to play his pieces. This is really good for me, because it gives me a more concrete reason to practice, and I have to learn pieces I wouldn't have picked myself.
7. If you are near Provo, check out the newest exhibit at BYU's Museum of Art, "Mirror Mirror." It's a really interesting look at how people perceive each other-- and who can beat the flaming moustache? (also, admission is free!)
8. I was a flapper again for Halloween, only this time I was Daisy Buchanan and I friend of mine was Jay Gatsby.
9. I'm trying to write a song in G, since I have this idea that I'll do a show and move up a key for every song. G is such an awkward key for my voice, though. I don't really know what I'm doing. :/
10. Sammy's has the best milkshakes EVER. They are also having a "Hot Chocolate Kickoff" this weekend that I really want to go to.