Sunday, September 6, 2009

Update. Sort of.

I'm not really sure what to write, but since you wanted an update, I will give it you.
We need a vosotros in English, by the way; I meant "you" as a plural.
Today, I got up. Really! I got up, for once this week! I walked over to the church building at Wyview with my roommate, Chelsee. We had interviews this morning. Guess what my calling is?
The best calling ever, of course! Ward Organist!
I'm really tired, so that will have to be all.
Love you, Mom. Dad. CollinMadelynSpencerMelissa.
Various family members. :)


  1. In what is quite probably their greatest contribution to the English language, the Southerners have given us "y'all." But we had this conversation already, nyet?