Monday, January 18, 2010

This is Not A Landmark Post.

It's looking pretty dreary outside today, but it's been a decent morning so far. It's raining, which I always love. :) Today, I'm planning to clean my room, get some homework done, go to the Walk of Life sponsored by the Black Student Union at BYU, and then come home for FHE with my awesome group. I might hang out with a friend of mine at some point too, since we were talking music and record deals last night and he might be able to help me. So... if he remembers to call. It should be a great day!
Oh, and my roommates and I rearranged our living room and it looks awesome. :) I'm excited for the semester.
Regarding the title: today is my 162nd post. I think I'd like to get to 200 soon. That would be cool, eh? :)

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