Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer Bucket List (continued)

11. Make pretty new skirts.
12. Plant and grow strawberries.
13. Learn to make a lemon meringue pie. Well. Famously.
14. Hike Fossil Creek when we visit Pine, Arizona.
15. Do something like Richard Schilling's "Land Art":

16. Visit a zoo.
17. Meet five new people and keep in touch with them.
18. Write a message in a bottle, sail out to some buoy with my dad, and leave it in the ocean.
19. Take my brothers and sisters to the Festival of the Arts.
20. Write a new song on the guitar.


  1. Strawberries won't grow here in the summer. Too hot. Squash will though. But they don't taste as good in a pie or with cream. Dang!

  2. Aasjdklfjaasdfklasjdfkl;asj. Curse the desert! Sort of.