Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Little Dorrit

Pictures: Masterpiece Theatre, Jane Austen Today
Choose the best of the following answers:

1. I finished watching Masterpiece Theatre's rendition of Dickens' Little Dorrit today, which has resulted in one or more of the following:

A. I want to write a slightly dark, comical short story, Dickens-style.
B. I have a crush on Matthew McFayden which hasn't surfaced since he played Darcy.
C. I am making a purple dress, half-inspired by Amy Dorrit's wearing purple throughout the film.
D. I sort of want to get bangs again.
E. All of the above.


  1. Purple would be a lovely color on you. Especially a heathery grey-purple.

    I miss you.

  2. Thanks, Maddison! I miss you too, and I just got your postcard the other day. :) Also, I've been meaning to ask you this since I read that post you did about people and colors: What color do you think I am?