Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Well guys, it's the worst day I've had in a long time.

Didn't sleep all last night due to combination of heat/head cold/stress
Woke up at six.
Encountered a gross and bloody human tooth while sanitizing saliva covered hygiene tools at my dad's dental office.
Thought of a new song and forgot most of it.
Went to a department store as per the generous offer of my dad to get me London clothes. Encountered self esteem issues in the dressing room. Bought nothing.
Took a nap, woke up to spider on wrist. Gasped and shook it off in a frenzy.
Depressed. Probably PMSing.
Recorded to covers only to hear they were ruined by static and then to have my family come home and make noise. Also the baby is sleeping. Recording is over.
TASCAM recorder won't hook up to my computer.
I can't upload my cover.
Stressed about London. Stressed about being sick. Stressed about losing my voice. Stressed about covering a bunch of songs I didn't know until a couple days ago.

(This is what a blog is for, right?)


  1. Yes, this is totally what the original purpose of a blog is. Imagine me giving you one of those awkward hugs I give everybody. I hope you get feeling better soon.