Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Resolution

I have come to terms with the fact
that after me-- and before-- you will always love girls
who can't write,
girls who dye their hardened hair,
girls who wear prints and colors collected from the mall,
girls with Tumblr accounts full of orphaned, untraceable JPGs and GIFs.

You will always love girls who can't write,
and I will only love boys who can't take pictures.

While I'm at it, I'll give up people with ears, too.
People with eyes, people with hair--
ceaselessly, these remind me of you.

I'll give up people with hands, people with bodies,
people who have parents and dogs,
people who walk on the street or breathe air.

From here on out I'll renounce people
with names, people with hometowns,
people with skin, or muscles, or organs;

I will only love people without thoughts,
people without language, without long-held opinions
or email accounts, or telephone numbers.

Starting today, I will only love people
who have never seen the sky,
who have never heard of love,
who have never watched the shutter of a camera flash

always capturing the awkward way my face moves
when I know I'm being photographed and
am terrified that you can tell I'm in love.


  1. Emily. This is heartbreakingly clear, simple, beautiful.

    And thank you for responding to my post yesterday. Your response was thoughtful and genuine. Come back to Provo?

  2. sad. yet impossibly true.

  3. Lyse: Thank you! I guess writing about that idea had been a long time coming for me. Kudos to you for asking interesting questions.

    I'm working in California right now, saving for tuition next semester. If I can find a job in Provo, I might be able to move back for Spring/Summer. :)