Sunday, July 6, 2008

Thursday in Helsinki

I can't really remember Thursday either... we woke up eventually. I read Da Vinci Code a lot that day. We mostly hung out at the house while Dad, Alec, and Collin went to Teemu Selanne's house to play tennis (except Collin didn't get to play). They said it was really nice. Teemu is this hockey player who's on the Ducks and Alec knows him because they're both Finns. :) It's really cool, all the people we get to know through him. We had spaghetti and salad for lunch, and then Alec decided to take us to this go-kart place. It was pretty cool. We all drove go-karts really fast around the track. (Well, not me- I was the slowest one). :) But I had fun too. We wore these funny red suits like we were real drivers at the place. It was really fun. We took some pictures, so you can see what it was like when we download them on here.
After that, we went back to the house and hung around for a while. I read Da Vinci Code some more. Alec and Sari had put on The Little Mermaid for the girls to watch (they want them to learn English words), so, of course, we were all watching it after they got bored of it. Alec invited this Mormon family he knows over and we all had pizza together and talked and stuff. After they left, we got packed and all and we stayed up really late. We thought about pulling an all-nighter, since we had to get up at about three in the morning anyway. I was reading Da Vinci code, and I went down and watched T.V. with everyone else. When Melissa wanted to go to sleep, I went to our room with her and read some more and then flicked the light off and went to bed.

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  1. lol

    that must be really hard to babysit them if they dont speak english... I guess... if they like came here and stuff. :)

    I havent read the DaVinci Code, youll have to tell me if its worth reading