Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wednesday, in Helsinki

On Wednesday, we woke up on the cruise ship (which seemed really early), got dressed, packed, and got off the boat in Helsinki. Then the rest of us waited while Alec and Dad picked up the car, which is this great big white Volkswagen van; it seats 10 people! It's really great.
We drove around; Alec had to go to a meeting, so we dropped him off and then drove around in Helsinki for a while. It was pretty; a lot like the other European towns we've been in. We stopped at a little store, and Collin, Spencer, and I went in and bought two pastries and two rolls, some sweet rolls, some peanuts, and a pack of this "yoghurt" drink called Actimel. We ate that in the car, and then we picked up Alec after it had been an hour.
After that, he drove us in the van to his house around a little municipality nearby; it's actually in the forest. It's a pretty house and it was built by one of his relatives 20 years ago. It's very nice and high tech, especially for so long ago. There's this nanny-type person he hired to help around, and she brought us some juice and we talked to her for a while; then Alec showed us around the house. We went back outside and I talked to that lady some more, and now I'm in the car blogging more!
Okay...later on Wednesday we ate dinner, cooked by Sari, which was this really good Thai food stuff with rice. I can't really remember much else, but I picked up the Da Vinci Code at some point (it was in Sari's library) and I read a bunch of it for the first time. It's pretty good and really interesting.
Later Alec drove us around and we geocached and went grocery shopping and bought ice cream and cookies at the store. Then we went home and went to sleep later at Alec's house.
That's Wednesday!


  1. Is "Alec" the guy who came to see the Pacific Life Open??

    because Im beginning to think he is... or am I just crazy?!

    :) glad you guys are having a great time (Youll be home right around my All-Staff day-- cuz, even librarians have a full library "holiday" devoted to library school. Im taking Beginning Cataloging, and Reaching Out To Teens [they wouldnt let me take advanced cataloging] =[ I may just die of Boredom at All Staff Day.)

  2. Well...

    I guess I didnt explain why he was doing his little equation thing.

    He only dated Kathrines- 19 to be exact. (lol) And so he was trying to create a formula that predicted how long it would last with the next one by using age, popularity and all kinds of other stuff.

    Ultimatly is failed (he figured out that the future cannot be predicted, which is why the formula never fit all of the Kathrines. Dumpers vs Dumpees and stuff.

    It has real math and all that involved. The author had some crazy mathmatician/professor figure it all out (hence the appendix issue I had).

    No need to defend your brother, now Im just curious with how people think. LoL!

    Anyways, gotta go. Im going to go play chess with my grandfather...

    Hey... what do we have planned for Rehab day besides getting you settled at home again?

  3. lol!

    Your so right, I corrected it and dedicated a whole post to your brother being nice in regards to all our crazy antics, lol!

    I had to write that post... it still makes me laugh just thinking about it.

    Collin is patient.