Tuesday, October 21, 2008

This will be short-

Okay, here's what's been going on, briefly:
-I made SVCA Honor Choir! We will be performing in November. :)
-I went to the dance on Saturday and it was very fun.
- I got a senior most for the yearbook! It's called iTunes Featured Artist and it's for the most musical senior girl and boy! Yessssssssss...
-I am still alive after the Death of a Salesman test!

Anyway, I am pretty happy and I will post something interesting as soon as I have more time. 


  1. Wow Congrats. on making SVCA Honor Choir and the the yearbook . Seems like so much fun up ahead for you.

    FYI- I found the prom pictures and scandia pictures on my computer . Maybe the next time I see you I could give you prints or a cd with the pictures so you can have them to!
    Much love

  2. Woo Hoo! That would be awesome! Are you going to the movie thing this Saturday?

  3. Yes but I dont feel like watching the movie or eating the food . Im just going to hang out

  4. Congratulations! That sounds really awesomely exciting!

    :) Ok... singing scholarship? lol You deserve it!

    You survived the Death of a Salesman test?! unscathed?! You are much braver than I when it comes to that play... Im still having nightmares ;)