Wednesday, November 12, 2008

You Will Never Believe How Amazing of a Day this has Been


I notated a song I wrote yesterday.

I talked to my crush for a while today at lunch. 

As a side note, My sister thinks he likes me. :)))))))

I took pictures at a photo shoot for the high school yearbook for Senior Mosts; I won iTunes Featured Artist, which is basically most musical. :)

I went and saw Ray Bradbury at the Rancho Mirage Public Library!! It was basically the most enlightening experience of my whole entire freaking life! Har har har.

Really, though, he was a very nice, wise old man who was all too willing to impart of his knowledge to a grateful audience. At least, grateful on my part. I can't vouch for everyone else.

I even got a picture with him. I just have to put it up here because it makes me so happy!!!

1 comment:

  1. So lucky!! :) His real name is Eric Blair, right? Pseudo...

    anyways, thats a first, you didnt even mention the name of the guy you took a picture with... hmmm?

    lol, congratulations on your lunchtime! :) How exciting! Happy? :)

    Sorry I missed you on MSN, but I was concentrating on finishing up the slideshow for my groups presentation :(

    And yes... cant get the untouchable out of my head, its starting to... not annoy, but... the displacement of all my other thoughts is beginning to scare me. haha!