Sunday, September 5, 2010

Poem from Spring.

Turned inside out, my eyes could see my brain,
My heart,
Bone after bone,
And every humming muscle,
And know the inward thinness of my sliding skin

Smooth as the quiet soul's dark eyes I saw then

A paper lotus--
Bare with white texture, and inward,
Printed and spattered with word and, inward,
With untouched thought, with non-words, with ink that should never be formed into words
And inward,
With the brilliant paint and glowing that is a soul.

Like a phoenix
It spread and unfolded
As a universe expanding, exploding
Accruing dimenson and breathlessly spinning, greater, greater
Opening, blooming, the insides pressing and reaching outward as color after color
Bloomed and opened and extended itself to the edge of the edges.
Still, holding out, small and silent and bright
The heart of it, golden and still
Searched itself, whispering,
Meaning sincere and true
And unrepeatable.

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