Sunday, September 12, 2010


My mom's been complaining that my blog isn't as... personal? as it used to be, because I keep posting pictures of things I like instead of writing about my life. I think this dearth of life-ness became more apparent when I left for school. Therefore, here are five things I have been doing since August 25th.

1. Going to classes. I am in Psych 111, English 252, Bio 100, Spanish 205, and New Testament. I'm also doing a music project with Megan Sanborn-Jones, the director of Romeo and Juliet, which is for credit. Maybe I should drop something, but I like them all...
2. Working. The other day I was cutting a giant piece of poster board and I accidentally cut myself with the Exacto knife I was using. Gnarly. The adventures we have in the TMA office.
3. Playing dress-up with Hannah. Um... yeah. We are six years old inside. Pictures soon. :)
4. Cleaning/organizing my apartment. Constantly.
5. Writing new songs, mostly on the guitar. Hopefully I will get better at it this year.

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