Wednesday, October 13, 2010


My blog is boring. I know. I am always much worse about updating it during the school year. Maybe in November I will FINALLY succeed at NaBloPoMo and be a good blogger forever.

Unlikely. Ha.

Anyway, ten things I have been doing lately:

1. Making creepy cookies with Maddison and Pearl:

This clearly, is my actual finger. Gross, huh? Read the full post at Pearl's blog here

2. Thinking about Halloween. I have an idea for a costume, but I don't want to post it here because you will ALL steal it. Just kidding. It's not that cool.
3. Working on new songs, as always.
4. Taking antibiotics and eating pineapple for my nasty finger. (Google chat status: explained.)
5. Going to the C.S. Lewis Society on Wednesdays.
6. Visiting the Pendulum Court in the ESC. Today they had Pirate Day. It was delicious.
7. Doing a ton of Spanish homework. Yuck.
8. Practicing for Fork Fest. (Tonight: Book on Tape Worm!)
9. Sending fun letters to Sam the missionary.
(Remember this? I miss this.)

10. Slowly working my way through the Book of Mormon in Spanish.

P.S. My family is coming to town on Friday!! Yessssssss.

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