Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ho hum.

It's Sunday and still gray outside after the rain yesterday. I am sitting in my living room thinking about getting ready for church and being productive.

Last night I drove to Pleasant Grove High School with Skyler and played in a Book on Tape Worm show. Ciera got a pickup for her cello, which was wonderful. Some friends came to see us, which was sweet of them. We played well and then we stopped playing and watched Mudbison and then Sky and I got into my car and drove away. It was dark and bright on the drive home.

When we got back to Provo, we picked up Collin and Jennifer (who is visiting this weekend) and came back to my house. I put Ironman II in the DVD player, handed everyone cups of limeade I made yesterday, sipped an I <3 NY mug of milk, and didn't watch the movie at all. Skyler left later to design a logo for this T-shirt company he's part of, (which is debuting today) after putting up with my show-and-telling him my map of Gotland. Around curfew, Collin and Jennifer left and took the car with them. I was sleeping on the couch, so then I dragged myself to my actual bed, wrote in my journals, read 2 Nefi Capitulo 23, and fell asleep.

Anyway, now it's morning and I am going to shower and eat breakfast and do things.

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