Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Very Silly Christmas Song

Hannah and I wrote this in about an hour on Sunday night, and we are quite pleased with it! In other Christmassy news, our apartment is decorated and today I cleaned a bunch while singing to a Christmas karaoke CD that my mom sent me home with after Thanksgiving. Also, we are all reading/listening to A Christmas Carol together, courtesy of the lovely Courtney Perry and her awesome reading voice. And last but not least, I am putting together a Christmas box for my dear friend, Elder Sam Sonntag. Even if you don't know him, you're welcome to add a letter. :) And on that note, until finals are over and I can actually write something neat on this blag...


  1. oommigooshh! I love love loooovveee this song. Perfect!

  2. very nice. i've got a big cheeser grin from it.

    also, about halfway through i noticed my poster in the background and felt both flattered and (strangely) slightly self conscious. haha.