Friday, January 13, 2012


I'm about to do my blogger-est blog post ever. Ready?

Things I did today:

  • applied for a job at Anthropologie.
  • visited Frank Sinatra and Sunny Bono's graves. (You thought I'd never do it. Finally crossing it off those bucket lists.)
  • Let my mom take pictures of my feet by them:
His grave says "The best is yet to come." Isn't that perfect?

Yes, I wore rolled corduroys and heels to the cemetery. Yes, the sun was that bright and golden today. Yes, I live in Southern California and I'm so obsessed with my sister I should just make this a premature Mormon mommy blog.

But I didn't wear a topknot, and I never will.


Oh, P.S. My really old iPod nano (which was my dad's before it was mine) got recalled, so Apple traded me for a new one and it is coooooooooool. I'm going to take the dog on a walk just to use it. I am a lucky kid.


  1. Emily you would be perfect at Anthropologie! Your style fits right in. Let us know if you get the job!

  2. Yes, ma'am! I'll let you know.