Monday, April 28, 2008

Prom! (it's the bomb)

So, prom was pretty much the awesomest time of my life... prolly the best dance EVER. The cultural hall was decorated beautifully-all these Christmas lights and streamers and- REAL FISH in bowls for our centerpieces. We named ours; I can't remember their names. Everyone liked my dress, and my hair- and, I learned pretty much everything about my date. I felt like Cinderella.'s some pictures I took (and some Emiko took for me) :)

I just realized I'm wearing green in pretty much every picture of me on my blog. Har har har...

1 comment:

  1. EMILY! you look gorgeous in pale green. I hope you had a good time at prom. I went to my prom and had a blast. The only downside was that my Uncle had died earlier in the week but, it didn't stop me from haveing fun
    Luv ya lots!