Friday, May 2, 2008

Something Else

This is a song I wrote... apparently you can't download plain music, but you can download movies. So- you also get a slideshow of a bunch of my photography! Lucky you!
Please comment! I'd really like some constructive criticism. :)


  1. I dunno if thats the intent but it makes me feel sad...


    Made me think of me and my mom, but I couldnt read the lyrics so I dont know if thats the point.

    Anyways, lovely as always!!!

    And I saw two or three hand colored shots... by real hand or photoshop?

    Impressive. It just makes me feel sad like... I dunno, wish I was little again spending time with my mom.


    The root of all evil.

  2. Actually Im feeling like normal!

    I called you earlier because I told my mom on Wednesday how your mom was out of town and all... and my mom got this crazy look in her eye on Thursday.

    So she was like "LOOK!!! I MADE SHEPARDS PIE!!!!"

    ugh. So she wanted me to offer you guys a nice shepards pie.

    I sooo finished reading the neverending story today... AWESOMEST book. like... ever!!!

    Anyways... its Saturday night!! My least and favorite night of the week!!

    When I wake up, itll be 2 weeks and 4 days, but whose counting?