Sunday, June 15, 2008

London... at last!

I know I haven't said anything about this on my blog... but if you read this, you probably know I'm vacationing in London now and Sweden and Finland later. So here's what I have to say about it...
Yesterday I left school after 3rd period, went home, packed around fifty pounds' worth of stuff into my bag, and then the family drove to LAX. We checked our bags, went through security, walked to the terminal... and it was six o'clock. Guess when our plane was supposed to leave?
So... it was time to wait. I sat around in my chair and watched planes and people for a while. Then I laid on the ground and tried to fall asleep (since it was late in England). Then I gave up and sat in a chair. Then I played Madelyn's DS for a while (the sheer excitement of Nintendogs!) Then it was about eight and Dad bought the Wall Street and some peanuts. Then it was about eight fifteen and there were a lot of people showing up. Then it was about eight thirty and I was reading Jane Eyre for school. Then it was eight forty five. Then it was eight fifty. Then time was moving about as fast as a snail. Then it was eight fifty one. Then it was eight fifty two. Then people were lining up for no reason. Then it was nine. Then it was a little past nine. Then our plane was late.
And then- THEN- we boarded.
On the plane, we were on the very first row in our compartment, which was nice, because we had the most leg room of anyone. There were these screens that came up from under our seats which had unlimited movies, so that kept us occupied. Plus we were outrageously tired, so we tried to sleep once in a while. They served dinner sometime, and breakfast, which nobody could eat except some of the yogurt and orange juice. Eventually- and I can now fully understand the gravity of eventually- the plane began to descend.
The scenery looked kind of like Ohio, or the unpopulated regions of New York. It was gorgeously green. There were no mountains. There were also a lot of clouds in the way of our view. I told Dad about how when I was younger I used to think that the plane dipped from side to side so that the passengers on either side of the plane could get a good look at the ground. He thought that was pretty funny.
After we landed, we went through customs, where everyone looked at our huge family oddly, and then we took the subway, where I was embarrassed by my frumpiness after the flight, and by my gigantic rolling suitcase, which was a hassel to get off with. Once we were off the subway, a woman directed us to our hotel, where I was for the rest of the time. Dad went and got cookies and some food, and then he went on a real hunting and gathering excursion and brought us KFC and some other stuff. We ate that, and then we watched T.V. and did some other stuff for a while, struggling to stay awake. At about ten (British time) we fell asleep.

Today, I woke up at around 3 in the morning, and Madelyn woke up a while later, so by five, we were chatting like mad and driving our older brother crazy. Then we fell asleep again. Dad came in at nine and asked if anyone wanted to go to McDonalds with him (for wi-fi), so I went. We found out there that church began in an hour, so we rushed home, told everyone to get ready, and took a taxi to church, at 133 Coppetts Road, which, at first, none of the taxi drivers seemed to recognize. They have something in England called a Post Code, which they can't really get along without. It helps them figure out where things are or something. Like a zipcode but more important somehow.
It's about ten here, even though it's still light outside, like dusk, because this is so Northward on the globe. It'll be worse in Sweden...
Anyway, Mom wants me to go to sleep so we can stay on schedule and go ride the Eye (that one ferris wheel) tomorrow. I guess I'll talk about everything else then.
That's all, then! More soon...


  1. I miss you guys,

    Im glad you got there safe and sound. :) Make sure you observe everyone and anyone and tell me about them and stuff. And yes, drive Collin mad, muahahahhahaha!

    Though I feel bad, I stayed pretty mum about stuff ooooon... that one night O_o... Wednesday? Thursday? or Friday night? I CANT REMEMBER!!!

    :( Already losing my sanity.

    p.s- your songs are all catchy. Talk to my head... and.. So many ways

  2. Emily
    Loved reading about your experiences, it's like traveling with you. Keep it up.
    GMA S