Monday, June 23, 2008

Sunday- a day of rest

I am finally caught up in blogging! I wrote this last night, so I am just posting it while we have Wi-Fi. More tomorrow!
Today we woke up very very very late, which was great. I had some toast with jam for breakfast, and I spent a lot of the morning looking for an iron so I could iron my very wrinkly dress. Later we all piled into the car (church was supposed to start at twelve) and drove to the location of the branch.
According to the Swedish church website, the branch was held in an apartment complex at number 22, which Dad, when looking for it while we waited for him, could not find. We decided to drive to Visby and look for the other address we found, on the English church site, which was to start at one.
We looked up the branch on the Wi-Fi from the hotel, and then walked out to where we thought it would be, but it didn't appear to be the right place, so we went back to the hotel. While Collin worked on unlocking his phone in the Gotland Ring office, Dad decided to take a walk in this park down by a park on the coast and make a picnic of it, so we took our food we brought for lunch.
We walked along for a while, and Madelyn and I wanted to eat by these trees a little ways down, so we walked ahead that way and sat down on a bench. But Melissa and Spencer wanted to eat by a park, and Spencer had to go to the bathroom, so Mom and Dad went with them to the park by the library.
We weren't sure if they were going to come back for us or what, so we just sat on the bench together and talked for a while, which was nice, because we'd been feeling really crowded. It's easy when you're part of a family of seven.
A guy and a girl came up to us while we were sitting on the bench. The guy said something to me in Swedish; I told him I only spoke English, and he asked if I had a cigarette. i said no, sorry and he asked, jokingly, if I had anything else he might smoke. Then the girl asked if I liked Gotland and I said yes, I did. She asked if I had been over this part of the wall nearby; she was looking for a word or something, what it was called. I said I'd been over the wall. She told me that if a man carried you over that part of the wall, that was the man you were going to marry. She told me, "So next time you want to marry, have the man carry you over." I said okay and they smiled and walked away; I assume, through the gate, though I forgot to look and see if he carried her over. That would have been cute.
Madelyn and I talked some more about that and other things, and then we figured Mom and Dad weren't coming back, so we decided to walk around and look for them. We saw Sari and Ada and Vivian in the park and said hello to them. They were going to get ice cream and Sari told us they had seen our family and she said they were eating lunch at the playground. We walked over and found them and ate lunch.
After lunch, Dad let Madelyn and I walk back to the hotel by ourselves, which was nice. We decided to sit in the library in the hotel while we waited for them. I found a book about J.M. Barrie's life and I read it for a long time, curled up in this library armchair. Madelyn was looking up Swedish words in this swedish book I found about English grammar. We were there for maybe an hour and then Mom and Dad got back. Dad saw me in the chair and thought it was pretty, so Mom took a picture of me.
After that we decided to drive home to the cabin. We talked in the car for a while, which was fun, and Madelyn and I sang a lot of goofy songs. We were going to explore the forest around the cabin, but then I didn't want to go because it was cold and Mom didn't want to let the younger kids go without Collin or me. I went back to the house, ate some oatmeal, and took a nap for a long time, until dinner, when I woke, typed blogs for a while, and then ate rice and vegetables. Right now everyone but Collin and me is off on an excursion in the woods with the GPS so they don't get lost. They should be back soon. Then maybe we'll eat ice cream or something for dessert.
It's about 7 or 8 at night right now, I think. I can never really tell, because it's always light outside. I can't believe I'm finally caught up. Yesss! I'll post this tomorrow when I have Wi-Fi at the hotel.

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  1. ...Collins scaring me...

    hes like... always poking me on facebook, but never ever comments me... so do me a favor and physicly poke him, just dont tell him why.

    Anyways... the kid cant stay away from his electronics... even in a foreign country eh?

    So jealous... a library inside of a hotel... crazy. =) Although to be honest, Ive been reading too much! Must.... put... books....down.. ;)