Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday is the day of Rest!

Sunday is fairly easy, because it was nice and slow...
We woke up late enough and showered and got ready for church and then went down to breakfast, complimentary, on the 3rd floor. After that we all walked down to the subway and rode it for a while. We got off at some stop and we ran around for a while because we didn't really know where we were going. Eventually we got ourselves going in the right direction and we found the church. We knew- because there was a nice, big, friendly sign!! Hooray!
We saw some other people who were dressed up like they were going to church and one of them helped us out. The church was in an office building and she typed in the code, which happened to be a church-related number. :) We were a little late, but we came in just after the opening prayer, so we FINALLY got to take the sacrament after missing it for two weeks in a row!! Church was all in Swedish, but they were very visitor-friendly; there were headphones for the English-speakers to wear and this missionary was translating. All the hymns were Swedish too (DUH), so the words were really hard to pronounce.
After Sacrament, we decided to all go to Sunday School together, because we couldn't find the youth classes and Melissa was too afraid to go to primary. The lesson was a really long church movie (in English, fortunately for us) where Gordon B. Hinckley and his apostles in 2000 testify of Christ at all these different locations and stuff. It was cool, but it was really long and I was sort of tired. Church was over after that, so we walked out and they had some cookies and juice for refreshments. We talked to some people, mostly the sister missionaries from Utah. Then Dad decided that instead of the tube, he wanted to walk home, so we did. There was a pretty park we walked through and some nice streets. Eventually we ended up at our hotel again. I think we just took naps for a while and stuff.
Later, Dad woke us all up and told us to get ready because we wanted to go and visit the Stockholm Temple. We rode the subway to the central station, where we bought dinner at (ahh!) McDonald's, and then we switched lines or something and rode to the closest station to the temple. At the temple, we took some pictures and walked around for awhile and then we decided to go look for some snacks at a grocery store because we were still hungry. We bought some stuff, and rode the subway to our station. I was feeling kind of grumpy because of some stupid thing and so I walked ahead of everyone and walked up 13 levels of stairs to our floor. Once we were home, I blogged for a while, hung around with everyone, and later, fell asleep.
That's Sunday!

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