Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Great Exodus (Wednesday)

Okay. Then on Wednesday we had a big travel fest where we took, I think, seven modes of transportation in one day. Let's count and see:
Oh, whoops. Six. We got up really early, walked to the subway and took that to Heathrow Airport, where we flew to Sweden; I slept most of the flight. Then, when we had arrived, we went through customs and took a bus to Stockholm, where we waited for another bus at this train and bus station forever. It was really boring, so I decided to look for hot guys. Then I decided to count the hot guys; there were about 37 in two hours, if I remember right. But I was lenient. Ha ha ha! Just kidding; there were some pretty cute ones.
When we had all eaten burgers from McDonalds, switched our money, gotten information, and had some Swedish ice cream and popsicles, we got in this big long line of people who were taking a bus to Nynashamn, where our boat was to leave from. On our way to the line, I saw this really really really hot guy who was buying tickets and then he came and got in line for the bus. I was asking Dad a whole bunch of questions because I had no idea what was going on and then he said something about how everyone who was in line was waiting for the boat to Gotland. This made be very happy. :)
We rode a bus for about an hour or two (after we got stuck between some automatic doors for a while) and then we boarded the boat after some struggle with our tickets, which were supposed to be waiting for us there. Madelyn and I saw the hot guy and Madelyn named him Edward after our nation's favorite literary vampire (from the very corny, cheesy Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer)
The ride was about three hours, during which I slept, played UNO with Madelyn, and read my book. We got to Gotland, and Dad's friend Alec picked us up in a Gotland Ring car and took us to a hotel, where we took our bags up to three rooms. It was really quaint and cute and reminded us of Grandma Nora's beach house. I got my own room, amazingly, so I changed, read my book, ate some cheesy crackers and looked around, and eventually fell asleep.

I just realized that a bunch of people are going to be reading this and seeing all my goofy comments about boys. Sorry about my hormonal interests... ah, well; you're probably cracking up anyway. I just feel sort of superficial and silly. :) Whatever.

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