Saturday, June 28, 2008

Thank Goodness it's Friday!

On Friday we got up and drove to the hotel and all that stuff that I'm tired of saying. :) Dad and Mom and Alec needed to make reservations for Stockholm and Finland (which is later this week), so they gave us kids some money and told us to go spend it. The two boys had about 300 kronor and us girls had 500 (300 is about 50 dollars and 500 is about 80 something). So we ran off to the shopping part of the town and looked around. We split up, girls and boys, because, of course, we wanted to go clothes shopping and the boys- I don't really know.
First we hunted around inside the wall, in little boutiques and stores that we'd passed before while window shopping and stuff. We couldn't find anything we really liked, and a lot of it was way out of our price range, so I elected that we go outside the wall to these other, bigger stores, that I'd seen before, which would probably be cheaper.
We went into a couple stores; I bought a shirt at this store called Ahlens. We found an H&M and we looked around there for a while. I saw this elephant necklace that I really liked, but we kept looking because Melissa and Madelyn hadn't bought anything. We went to another store, called (ha ha) Lindex, and eventually Melissa bought some shoes, Madelyn bought a white shirt, and we had extra money, so we got Melissa a purple shirt and we all bought a necklace. Plus I went back to H&M and bought that elephant necklace :).
We came back to the hotel later than we were supposed to and the boys, who had returned early, had been sent back out until 2:30. So we waited for them with Mom. When they got back, we saw their spoils: Spencer had bought a Swedish soccer uniform, and they each bought some old coins for their coin collections. (Don't worry, Leslie, I'll bring you some Swedish kronor.)
We met up with Dad and Alec at some restaurant and, since we hadn't bought lunch, Mom took us to this hamburger joint where we ate while we, yet again, sent the boys off to go shop more. When they returned, we were almost done, so they helped us finish off our fries and whatever and then we all set off for this ice cream place they'd been to. We bought some ice cream (I had two scoops- some Italian mandarin thing and Violet! flavored ice cream, which was, unfortunately, weird.) and then we went and hung out at this big ruined church, where we climbed around and took some pictures.
Okay, Madelyn and I are going to breakfast now, so I'm going to sign off and write more when I get back.

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  1. dude,

    we are so online at the same time... or were... your going to breakfast.


    How odd... I have a foreign currency one... I just obtained a paper money from Zimbabwe... its really wierd lookin.

    Cant wait for you guys to get home and show me all the pretty pictures and the green stuff (which we have nothing of plant life here... the Orchid I bought my mom on mothers day is dying I think.)