Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Monday...what I wrote yesterday!

Today we woke up pretty late. I had this oatmeal stuff for breakfast. It's called Oatibix and we got it in London and like to make fun of its name a lot. I didn't have time to shower, so I got dressed and we sat around for awhile until we drove to Visby.
Alec was in a meeting with some Gotland Ring people, so we had to wait for him before Dad could go play tennis and all that. We went to the hotel for a while and I blogged and Madelyn checked her e-mail. Mom wanted to go souvenir shopping, but I wanted to wait and finish e-mailing and blogging and everything and so did Madelyn. So we stayed behind at the hotel and I e-mailed pictures to a bunch of people whose e-mails I had handy. Yay!
When Mom and everyone got back, they had bought lunch, too, so we decided to walk down the coast again and have a picnic, like yesterday. First we were thinking of eating on that walk where those people talked to Madelyn and I, but it was really cold and windy, so we decided to go to the park again. We ate our picnic under a tree, and sampled the Swedish versions of tortilla chips and salsa (you'll think that's funny, huh, Leslie?). Yup. The salsa was pretty pathetic. It was medium hot and was about as spicy as ketchup.
At some point Alec texted us (Collin finally unlocked his phone, so we have communication!- but ONLY within Sweden, so don't- DON'T- call us) and we met up by the hotel, piled into the cars, and drove to these tennis courts outside of Visby that they were going to play tennis on. While Dad, Alec, and this other girl (and whoever wanted to play) hit on the courts, I played UNO and read my book and laid around in the grass nearby. It was nice. Sari and the girls were there too. They're so cute. :)
Near the end, Alec, Sari, and the girls had to leave back for Visby (Alec had a meeting and Sari and the girls were heading back to Finland- where we'll see them later). We said goodbye, and Dad, Collin, and that girl hit some more until she had to leave, and then Collin and Dad hit some more, cleaned up the court, and then we all piled into the car and went home after grocery shopping again at the same big store.
We rambled home, singing all the way, as usual, and ate curry with rice and vegetables and some kind of Barbeque pork we got at the store. We had ice cream bars for dessert. Yum! We also bought this really good swedish chocolate (toblerone- they have it in the US, too).
We watched this English program on T.V. for a while, and the Simpsons, and I recorded this fun song I've been working on with just my voice, and now it's time to go to sleep! Post this in the morning!
Love, Emily


  1. xD

    You know me so well, I just about died laughing!!!


    and it wasent good eh... Lets go Emily!! Ill make the mexican food, you make the fried rice and we'll start a business :P

    Yay the phones unlocked-- oh no I cant call :( bummer.

  2. p.s- I forgot to tell you that my coworker and I wanted to start learning to play golf, but we decided Id get too bored, so were going to attempt tennis lessons.

    lol, this ought to be exciting. I wanted to bowl league... but the Marriott only has Golf and Tennis