Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Second Tuesday (Internationally)

Okay, sorry I forgot to blog for a while. Now I have to catch up for Tuesday and Wednesday- and I'm halfway through Thursday! Augh! It piles up so fast...
Here's what I have for Tuesday:
On Tuesday we woke up and it was raining outside. We left the house after getting ready and all to play tennis with Alec at some indoor tennis court. At the indoor tennis court, there was some kind of badminton tournament going on, so there were all these people there playing. It looked really funny. It's kind of a weird game.
Alec, Carolina(the girl they're always hitting with), and my Dad hit for a long time; I read my book and watched people while I waited. It was a pretty long time before we left, about three hours, maybe.
When we left the tennis court, it had stopped raining. I think we ate lunch or something; I can't really remember. Anyway, after that we went to Visby and walked around the city. We got hot chocolate and some pie at this place Alec recommended. The chocolate was pure cocoa; hardly any sugar. We Americans couldn't handle the strength of the chocolate, so Dad got some sugar for us, but it wasn't enough. We ended up dumping at least two packets of sugar into our chocolate. I guess things are different in Europe. The pie was fine; we got four pieces of different kinds and we all tried a little of each. One of them was really gross and eggy; my parents, impossibly (or not) liked it. :)
We walked around Visby for a long time, window shopping and browsing around. We bought a bunch of postcards; as it turns out, postage is really expensive, so we're only sending five straight from Gotland. I was really disappointed, since I had at least five people of my own to send cards to. We also bought this cord at an electronic shop so we could wire an iPod to play throughout the car; this proved useless when we switched cars the next day, but it will come in handy at home.
We got ice cream and popsicles at some stand and sat around eating them by this old fountain. We took a couple pictures there in the square. Then we decided to take a walk along the city wall for a while. That was fun. Spencer wanted to play soccer in this little field for a while, so we walked down and Mom and I found out that we had Wi-Fi. (We were too tired to play) We looked up geocaches for a while and I checked my e-mail and stuff. Eventually we decided to keep walking; we were supposed to meet up with Alec at the hotel.
I have to cut this short to work on some school stuff right now; I'll blog more later! Bye!

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  1. HEY!!!

    I totally fergot to tell you to keep a bit of change from your travels to add to my foreign currency collection!

    :) Im so thrilled!!! lol, couldnt handle the hot chocolate eh? lol, we'll celebrate your 21st birthday having cups of pure hot cholocolate :P