Friday, June 27, 2008


Okay, so I'm really really behind. Forgive me. I'm having a good time and not enough time to blog all the time. :( Sorry!
On Wednesday we didn't meet at the hotel. We planned to go to this island off the North coast called Faro(except the "O" has two dots over it and the "A" has a circle over it and I'm too lazy to add special characters), so we bought some food for breakfast or lunch or whatever it was and we picked up Alec at his apartment on Visby(Sari took the car with her, so he's sometimes at a loss for transportation- it's really ironic). After that we drove to the ferry that would take us to Fårö(there, I did it!). We stopped at this military fort turned fancy hotel for a while; that was cool.
Then we drove around to our destination, which was this beach covered with all these weird rock formations. You can see a picture on my family's blog, which I listed somewhere on here. The beach was pretty cool; we climbed around on a bunch of rocks and romped around for a while.
After that, we drove to a different beach so we could actually go swimming. We sat around and ate for a while and then Madelyn and I put on our swimsuits. When we came back everyone but Mom was playing soccer, so we decided to play too. I got tired after a while, so I went and laid in the sun for a long time with Mom. When it was almost time to leave, I went out to the shore; I knew I would regret it hugely if I never actually swam in the Baltic Sea when I was so close. So I waded in. It was freezing! Madelyn and Spencer were there, and they tried to hug me (they were wet), but I wouldn't let them. I waded out to about waist level and then Madelyn told me I would want to make sure I went under. So we counted to three and then we dunked under the black water together. It was so cold! We "swam" a little, though the water was really too shallow to swim in, and later we left.
After that we went to a grocery store and bought some popsicles or something and ate them. Then we all piled back into the car and we drove to this place with sand dunes in the forest(weird, huh?). We jumped off dunes for a while and took pictures and stuff and then we went back to the car.
Next, Mom and Dad drove us to the cabin and dropped us off; I was under the impression that they were going to drop Alec off and come home with dinner. BUT they actually returned about four hours later at 11 at night, after we watched the Simpsons and whatever "football" match was on for most of that time (Of course, I was placidly reading Jane Eyre for a substantial portion of that in the next room). It turns out Mom and Dad and Alec went out to eat at a super fancy restaurant and hung around for a while, which I'm sure was fun for them. After they came home, we fell asleep or something. I can never remember.
And that's Wednesday!

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  1. yay!!!

    So... was swimming in the Baltic Sea worth it?

    (we should swim the English channel.)