Saturday, June 21, 2008

The rest of Tuesday!

Okay... then we walked for a while on our way to the Houses of Parliament and then we got in lines and went through security to get in. First we went to the House of Commons part of parliament and watched this debate going on about polyclinics, which are clinics that have multiple services for their patients. It was basically about whether or not they were good for England or not; I thought they sounded like a good idea.
After that we went to the House of Lords and they were debating something that sounded less important; I didn't really understand. I guess I was mesmerized by the gilded, elaborate area where the Queen would sit if she were there and all the interesting stuff around. We left pretty fast.
After that, we took the Subway to Swiss Cottage and then Mom and Dad decided to go to this computer place with internet to print our boarding passes and everything. I was getting bored, so I asked if us kids could walk back home by ourselves and they said that was fine, but Spencer didn't want to go with us. We walked to the hotel, but when we got to our room door, the key would not work. We tried it about fifty times. It really sucked. Later we went down to the lobby to wait for them. They also went grocery shopping.
Once they returned, we went up together to the room and Mom and Dad told us we should have gone to the front desk and everything. Then we ate a bunch of food and some ice cream and watched TV for a little because we thought the British programs were so funny.
After dinner, Dad said he would take anyone who wanted to go on a walk through this fancy neighborhood nearby and then to Regent's Park, as a sort of a last hurrah in England (this was our last night). Madelyn, Spencer, Melissa, and I all decided to go. The houses were really nice and probably too expensive to think about. When we got to Regent's Park, the other kids ran around for a while, but I was really cold and so I stayed with Dad and then we walked back home
We got home and eventually Mom and Dad left the kids room and we stayed up pretty late, almost till midnight, joking and stuff. We figured out a formula for how to make Spencer laugh(which was eventually disproved). It went like this:
bathroom humor+body part+lunch meat= spencer laughs
Eventually we fell asleep. And that's Tuesday.

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    your family sounds fun lol, reminds me of our vacations...