Monday, June 23, 2008

Friday: Day of Root-Finding (sort of)

Friday Friday Friday... what did we do on Friday?
On Friday we got up early and Mom had us shower, so I went in, but the water got cold really fast, which sucked. After I showered, I just put my pajamas back on and I just fell back asleep. When it was time to go, I woke up and pulled on some clothes; I couldn't even brush my hair because Madelyn accidentally left her bag in Alec's car, and it had the brush in it. After that, we all squished into the five seater impossibly and drove to the hotel in Visby by Alec's office. See, for some reason, Alec leaves the key to his office in the lobby of the hotel, so the hotel has become a sort of waypoint for us where we meet pretty much every day. Dad and Alec went off to play tennis, so we decided to go geocaching.
While we were walking, we went through a beautiful botanical garden, which we had passed through the day before. It's not as big as the parks we went to in England, but it was really cute and pretty; more landscaped. We walked forever to this castle ruin, which happened to be near the tennis courts where Dad was playing. Dad and Alec go off and play with this almost-pro girl every morning, and they switch off playing with her.
I searched with everyone else for the geocache for a while, but then I got bored, so I walked off into this nearby field and read for a while. Then Mom told me to come back, so I said I would meet them near the tennis courts. I was up there in about a minute, and I sat around waiting for them to get there for about ten minutes. I could hear them and everything, so I decided to go look around and find out what they were doing.
They hadn't found the geocache, but they were goofing around and exploring in this big castle ruin right by where the cache was supposed to have been. Spencer climbed up in this window and Mom took a picture of him. After a while, we walked back to the courts and waited for Dad and Alec to finish their game. I got kind of impatient and I wanted to leave and walk to the hotel with Madelyn, but Mom wouldn't let me.
Eventually Dad and Alec finished, and we walked back to the hotel. I think at some point Sari and Alec's girls, Vivian and Ada, got there, and we hopped in the car and drove out to the southern part of the island to have a picnic on a beach out there. On the way, we recorded this funny song I made up a capella. We showed it to Collin when we got there. It was really fun.
Once we were there, we all decided to sit on this rock thing, so we spread out two blankets. For lunch, we ate these Swedish things like egg burritos, chicken, salad with tomatoes and feta cheese, a long baguette, and for dessert, chocolate muffins and doughnuts. After we ate, we walked around on the beach for a while. Everyone else skipped rocks, because the rocks on that beach were so perfect, but I'm not the best rock skipper yet, so I just picked up rocks and gave them to Collin. We waded out into the water for fun for a while and then we eventually walked back to the car.
After that, we drove to a church in the South where one of my ancestors, Annie Peterson, was baptized, although I was totally unaware of this until after we visited the church. We walked around in there for a while, and took a family picture by the font. Dad asked me if I wanted to sing something, but I was too embarrased(don't tell me how bogus that is), so Mom and I waited till everyone had left and then we sang "Brightly Beams our Father's Mercy" and then I sang Gounod's "Ave Maria." It was very very cool. Everyone should be able to have that experience.
We left the church and drove to another place in the south, with some kind of landmark rock formation that looks like an old man. Its name is just "old man" in Swedish. We hiked up around that it and walked around. We also took some pictures in the flowers on the ground. Madelyn was wearing my purple shirt that day, and it matched the flowers perfectly, which made a cool picture.
After that we drove home and ate noodles with cheese and watched T.V.; the Simpsons with Swedish subtitles. Later we read scriptures (we usually do that, i just forget to write about it) and then we went to bed.

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