Friday, June 27, 2008

Thursday: A full week, and nearly caught up!

Yesterday, Thursday, we got up rather late, which was nice, of course. We hung around the house for a long time and later we drove to some store and bought some food for lunch, and then we drove to the gate of Gotland Ring.
That day Alec was holding an event for people (mostly from Finland) to drive cars, so Collin and Dad got to join in. (I could have done, but I would have been embarrassed by my slow driving) :) Anyway, we parked at the gate, and waited for Alec and this guy whose job it was to unlock the gate. We drove in with Alec when we got there.
We went in to the restaurant place where we were before and waited for all the tourist-types to arrive. I read Jane Eyre for a long time after they showed up.
Right; I have to cut this short to go off on some other adventure; more tomorrow, I promise!


  1. GAH!!!


    Girls were born to drive fast cars (this is comming from someone whose too much of a coward to go over the speed limit lol)

    :) Im glad your having a great time and that your not having enough time to blog. Youll have plenty of time to give me a play-by-play when you get home.

    arg!!! Dude, when you were in London you should have--- :( European Football is sooooooooooooo amazing (yes, I LOVE watching the English Premiership. Newcastle U + Manchester <3 )

  2. Your like 8 hours ahead...

    so I do believe its been past the day you promised to post about the day before :P

    and what is with your brother? He keeps poking me on facebook.