Friday, June 27, 2008

More Tuesday, Anyone?

After we all met up at the hotel, we went to this restaurant for pizza together with this friend of Alec's named Gustav. He was some kind of driver or something; I really have no idea.
Mom, Dad, Alec, and Gustav all sat at one table at the restaurant while all of the kids sat at a separate one. That was kind of fun; Spencer blew out our candle, which was pretty goofy; we had to relight it. We talked a lot and joked around, which, as most of you know, is inevitable when you put my family together. Especially when we're stuck with each other. (Just kidding; I love them)
We went back to the hotel and hung around the lobby for a while until we decided to go home. I can't really remember what happened then; I assume we ate and watched T.V. or something. I probably read Jane Eyre and eventually fell asleep.
And that's Tuesday! I guess I'll start a new post to talk about Wednesday.

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  1. lol, we gotta keep the fire away from Spencer, lol!

    Thats really funny. :) I imagine having all of you together is much more goofier when Im there :P