Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Rest of Friday... these titles are getting repetitive

Okay. After we goofed around in the church for a while, we met up with Dad and Alec at that same restaurant and then we walked to the hotel. We decided to go home after that, where we hung around for a while and then ate dinner. We wanted to see the sunset at least once while we were on Gotland, so we all piled in the car at around 9:30 (no joke, the sun really sets that late) and drove to a beach a mile or two away. We'd actually been there before; it was the beach near the pizza place we ate at with Alec, Sari, and the girls around a week ago. It was really pretty, but it had rained that day, so it was really cloudy and already looked like twilight; we couldn't see the sun. :( We started on our way home, and we stopped by this cool looking cave and took some pictures. When we got home, we ate ice cream and cookies and then went to sleep.
Again, another post for Saturday!

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  1. oooh!

    A cave huh?

    Im so jealous!! You guys are out spurklunking (ugh, some wierd word like that.) And Im not :(

    Sperklunking... sperlunking... spulunking.

    I think its spulunking. I dunno...