Monday, June 23, 2008

Saturday- at the racetrack!!!!

On Saturday we got up kind of later than yesterday and got dressed. I didn't have time to shower, so I just brushed my hair and threw some clothes together and later we left. We got to the hotel, and we went in and Alec had left us a note at the desk telling us to go to this nearby church where he was married. Dad figured he was late and called the hotel to give them something for us to do. We walked over there and explored the church for a bit.
We looked around there for a while and then Alec got there and we talked about what we wanted to do today.
where we went in and Collin spent some time trying to unlock his phone some more, which is starting to seem futile. Then Mom checked her e-mail and I blogged for a while. We were waiting for Sari and their girls, Ada and Vivian (who, by the way, have been with us on most of our Gotland trip too). When they got to the hotel, we got into the cars and drove out to a beach, where we walked around and skipped rocks and stuff for a while and then ate pizza at a restaurant (which wasn't technically open because of Midsummer, but Alec kind of knew the owner).
After that we drove to Gotland Ring! At last! Gotland Ring is Alec's project he's been working on since around 2000; a racetrack he built on Gotland. He holds events there and drives cars and does all kinds of cool things there.
I have to remind you all that the reason we are going on this trip is not because we wanted to find our roots, not because we wanted to experience foreign countries, but because Alec has been inviting Dad to visit him almost since they first met at BYU-Hawaii over twenty years ago. Gotland Ring is, basically, what we are here for.
We began our adventure in a building that Alec converts into a restaurant and showroom for every event he holds. It was less dressed up just then, and while we were there, Alec gave us the rundown on racing and how it works and stuff. Then he started taking everyone around the track in turns in one of the cars. I stayed in for a while with everyone else while Dad and Collin took their turns. Eventually, after everyone else, it was my turn, and then Alec decided to switch cars for this way faster, bright yellow, ZO6 Chevy Corvette. 512 horsepower. Let me reiterate: very fast.
I got in the car and first we had to do extra laps to warm up the tires. It was kind of jerky because it wasn't a true racecar, but it was so fast. I kept straining to keep from being thrown around. Need I mention why we all wore helmets? I felt like I was holding my breath the whole time. It was amazing. Such an awesome experience. :)
For dinner, we stopped at one of Alec's friends houses and had swedish sausages and fruit and this great shrimp salad. The quy's wife was a chef or a caterer, and she was really good. She made these amazingly delicious pastries for dessert; they were just sweet enough to be sweet, but they didn't give you a sugar buzz or anything. Plus they were crispy and glazed on the outside. Really good.
On our way home, we stopped by some houses Alec was thinking of buying, one on the coast, which we walked along and took pictures by for a while. We decided to go to a grocery store to get more food for Sunday, and we stopped on the way in this gorgeous field of poppies to take some family pictures. Like I said, Gotland is covered in flowers, and in some spots, they are concentrated so much that they make Mom and I freak out. We had to get a picture in them.
After that, we went to the grocery store, bought a whole bunch of food, and came home, read scriptures, blogged, blah blah blah, and went to sleep.
I am finding that I seem to be exhausting my vocabulary when I am so frequently blogging. As I reminder, I am still sincere when I say "beautiful" or "gorgeous" or "amazing," and I am simply at a loss for a better adjective.

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  1. Stupendous!!

    OOH! My goodness. :)

    Sounds like a lot of fun... :)

    Glad you guys are having fun, I can just picture it with your posts.