Thursday, June 19, 2008

London continued...

After the taxi we walked into sacrament meeting and sat down in the back. It was kind of an ironic meeting for me because I had been so excited about all the British accents (the main alteration to the standard church meeting) but the speakers were originally from the U.S. and were going to be moving to Idaho, so their accents were American.
Sacrament ended eventually, and then we hung around until we figured out where Sunday School was. Collin, Madelyn, Spencer, and I were all in the same class, since I guess there was one for primary children and Young Men/Young Women. There were two other kids visiting from Utah, so the class was big compared to normal. The only kid who was really in the ward was this Asian kid named Michael. He and the teacher both had accents. The lesson was pretty good; it was about being humble and stuff.
Once Sunday school was over, I got a drink of water and then I went to Young Women, which was in the same room. On a whim, the leaders decided to have class outside, so we went out and arranged two benches so we could sit together. I wasn't sure if one of them was a leader or a youth, but she had a great Scottish accent and her name was Madelyn, like my sister. :) THere were two others besides Madelyn, the other visitor (Elise), and I; their names were Olivia and Melissa. THey were twins, but Olivia was a tomboy (we thought she was a boy at first). They were both British, too, and really sarcastic and funny. That made the lesson. We had a lot of fun; at one point Melissa was imitating other Madelyn's accent, which was pretty goofy.
After church, we hung around trying to figure out our bus route to get home and we found out there was a young couple in the ward who lived close to our hotel in Swiss Cottage, by Regent's Park. Their names were Jenny and Rob, I think...anyway, they helped us find our way home and change buses at the right stops and everything. They were really nice; I talked to Jenny for a while on the bus ride.
After that, we walked into the hotel and napped for a while. When I woke up, we had all decided to go get dinner and then go to Regent's Park for a walk. I got my shoes on and then we left.
First we walked to this restaraunt called Marathon or something where we ate fish and chips. They actually charged us to eat in the restaraunt, because I guess you're supposed to do take out with them. Anyway, we had fish and chips and onion rings, plus Dad ordered this weird pita bread thing like some kind of samosa that was pretty good.
After dinner, we had to walk through Camden to get to Regent's Park. Camden is sort of a creepy place; Rob and Jenny described it as somewhere you could see people with "pink mohawks" and stuff like that. It's true; everyone on that street was smoking; there were all these John Lennon wannabees and guys with long hair wearing cutoffs and weirdos with spiky hair who still haven't got over the punk movement, which I feel is the most retarded trend in the history of the world. Like how some people call emos "Rebels without a cause." There were also a katrillion shops hanging onto the street in Camden full of UK flag paraphernilia and bumper stickers peppered with expletives and confrontational cleverness forcing liberality on everyone. When we got out of there, we passed the London Zoo and finally entered the gate to Regent's Park.

Which is beautiful.

Regent's Park is one of the few green, open spaces in the suburbs of London. It is verdant and peaceful, wide, stretching itself out over acres of land, across streets, up to the edge of the zoo. On the grass people are laying out in the sun, relaxing, walking, playing soccer or croquet, jogging, singing, playing guitars, and being in love. The park's centerpiece is a hill that rises up from the trees and more manicured lawns, but which is covered with deep, soft grasses and dotted with friends and lovers staring at the sky or sitting on benches or laughing together. On top of this hill is a magnificent view of the city, where we took pictures. We hiked up the hill, which isn't very steep or anything, and walked down the other way, leaving the park on the other side.
Fortunately we didn't have to walk through Camden on the way back; we found an alternate route which was actually closer than the first. We stopped at a little store to look for cookies, but we didn't buy anything. Then we went home. Dad went and bought cookies or something at this little market closer, I think, but it's hard to remember. I know we read scriptures together, and I read Jane Eyre for a little bit and later we all went to sleep.

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  1. lol, from the sounds of it, your dads responsible for all the food, go brother Brown!


    :) Cant wait until you guys get home and tell me everything!!! :)