Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Leslie and Why She is Amazing!

In honor of Leslie's birthday, I am writing about her, how amazing she is and how wonderful a friend she is/has been to me!!!! I have decided to make this a list. But first, some introduction (this could bear similarities to the post I did this fall- oh, well).

I met Leslie at a scripture mastery event when we were both sitting with our friend David. We were all doing speed chase together and Leslie called me her muse. It was pretty funny. :) When we went to girls camp that year, we hung out together and talked about Pride and Prejudice, because I'd brought the music for it with me! That year, we hung out together at all the lame stake dances because we were both afraid of dancing. So we sat with my brother and threw candy around (literally). :) We have become great friends from then on! Anyway, I am going to do a list of twenty reasons why Leslie is an awesome person (one for every year she's been alive). So. Here they are:

1. Leslie is very intellectual. She has great knowledge of basically everything.
2. She is not afraid to try new things. For instance, last summer we were going to go paintballing with Collin and David, and she was pretty excited.
3. She is an avid reader, of course, and always willing to recommend a good book.
4. She is passionate about her opinions, which is why she will be a great lawyer someday.
5. She is a great writer and supports her opinions well.
6. She is philosophical, especially in her poetry!
7. She is crazy about Jane Austen, which is an asset to anyone. :)
8. She loves animals and has the greatest number of pets of anyone I know.
9. She is compassionate.
10. She has a strong testimony of the gospel.
11. She is a very serious photographer and can use a real darkroom! (She never photoshops!)
12. She has a knowledge of the scriptures and reads them a lot.
13. She loves her family and would go to the ends of the earth (or Idaho) for them. :)
14. I have never heard Leslie play the clarinet, but I know she is very good because of the way she talks about it.
15. She has great taste in music, by the way. (Like mine! Hee hee.)
16. She speaks fluent Spanish and is always willing to help me with it.
17. She knows all kinds of cool Mexican recipes and foods like Arroz con Leche. (Remember that time when we made fried rice and I randomly put cheese in it?)
18. She is a very faithful, loyal friend.
19. She gets up really early (REALLY EARLY) to run.
20. She writes super long letters, attests my brother! :)

There are lots of other things I could add, but I will just close by saying this: Leslie is honestly amazing and everyone should bring her something besides cake for her birthday!! :) (she doesn't like cake.)


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