Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Yes. It's the sorry truth. There is only one more week until I leave my lovely, beautiful, sunny, warm desert for the adventure of college at BYU (and wearing socks on a regular basis for the first time in... hmm... my entire life)!

I feel like Little Red Riding Hood in Into the Woods, when she sings, "And [it] made me feel excited- well, excited and scared."

Today I was at my old high school picking up a packet for my younger sister and I heard someone saying something about seniors. At first, a little bell went off in my head, like Oh! That's me! Then, if my life were a movie, a little montage would have played, really quickly, with all of my gorgeous (and very over) memories of the last year. It did, in my head. All the music, all the jokes, all the people and love... it's all over.

I said this when I came home from Sweden, but it applies more often than not.

I look forward and backward.

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