Saturday, August 29, 2009


Apples bought at the creamery: 3
Times I've cried this week: 5
Longest time spent crying: 15 minutes
People with Finnish CTR rings: 1
People coming to my concert: 8? I think?
Grains of rice in bag: 4,000
Records picked up from music department: 11
Times I've ridden my bicycle: 37
Instances when random people have spoken to me about my bicycle: 6
Jam Sessions: 2
Pictures taken: 18
Quotes on door: 2
Price of books: 102.95
Slow dances: 14
Swing dances: 2
New thoughts: Googleplex
Stories finished: 1 (Pizza Funiculi)
Pieces finished: 1
Regrets: 3
Things forgotten: 8
Smiles: [this census does not have sufficient information to calculate a response]


  1. Emily, all the stars in the universe couldnt add up to the times I alone have seen you smile, and Im at a loss for an analogy of how many people youve made smile. Your a wonderful person. College is such a big thing! Im so proud of you. If I could have given you one gift to part with, it would be the knowledge of just how much you mean to me as a friend. I miss you a crazy amount, and cant wait until your home on break, Im calling dibbs on AT LEAST two days. Lets go for some cold stone? :)

    Your a sister to me Emily, you were my sister when I had none. And theres no one else in the world who would have floated ducks in the stake center sink with me. :) Be happy Emily, its important. Dont cry, life is a bunch of journeys tied together. Paths always cross at some point, luckily for me, that was ages ago, one night at that same stake center.

  2. If I'm your sister, you are the big sister I never had! Think of how messed up I'd be if there was only Collin! (just kidding- can't speak ill of my wonderful brother on a mission) But really, I feel the same way. :) I miss you immensely, and I was so happy to have your words of encouragement!! We should definitely go to cold stone, but I doubt we can spend two entire days there!! We'd better start making a plan!!! :) Again, I can't thank you enough for your words of wisdom and I'm so glad that we met that night! :)