Saturday, December 12, 2009


I forgot to post yesterday! So here is what I did, I guess, and I'll post twice today??
Anyway, I went in for training at my job in the TMA office (WHICH I'M SO EXCITED ABOUT!!!) and learned a lot about InDesign and how fun and amazing that office is! I'm so psyched to start work there. I'm going to get to do all these awesome design projects all year. I think I'm going to learn a lot, which is what I'm looking forward to the most.
Later, after that, Charné and I went on an adventure and got lost on the bus system until we got to the post office in Provo (which, thankfully, was where we were headed). There, we got a very important letter my mom sent to me which the postman, for some reason, thought I needed to sign for. Anyway, it was this big stupid mishap. We rode back to campus after that, and I went to the Student Employment Office and finally got hired OFFICIALLY. Maybe I can get paid before Christmas. That would be amazing, because then I could get everyone amazing presents.
After that, I walked home through the snow with the best intentions of being productive. And then I got home and just... wasn't. :/
Later, Charné, Marissa (our kind of adopted roommate) and I all went to a farewell party for two guys in our ward who are leaving on their missions soon. It was really fun. :)
We got home around two in the morning. And then I knocked out.
In a few random pieces of news:
I think I've finished my song in G... but I'm kind of afraid that it will say too much.
I love the Weepies. I LOVE them.
I can't wait to come home and feel the sun and see all the people I miss!

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  1. That's okay, I forget to post all the time. :P and : /