Sunday, December 6, 2009


Only a very select group of people will get that reference.
Like, Madelyn.
I need to organize my ideas. I think I'm going to do the list thing again. That's always fun.
1. Today is Sunday and IT SNOWED!!!! That is- it's snowed before, but this time it's sticking, and it's deep, and it's unbelievably gorgeous!
2. Yesterday, our ward had an activity and we rode the train to Salt Lake City and walked around temple square together! It was so pretty to see all the lights, spend time with friends, and get to know some of those people better. (I feel like I don't go to those activities enough)
3. Tomorrow, a great band called NightNight is playing at my favorite music venue: Velour! I can't wait to see them play!
4. If anyone feels like obliging me for Christmas, I'm in love with these boots. Click here for the link.
5. I'm writing my next This I Believe about serendipity... and sort of finding something good when you're at an ultimate low. It should be good. :)
I guess that's all for now!

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