Monday, February 8, 2010

Let's Harmonize.

So. Today my friend came over again and we practiced his music and I made up some cool spontaneous harmonies for some of his songs. We're also playing my song called "Don't Call Me Sweetheart," which I'm pretty excited about. The show is this coming weekend, and it's a masquerade, so I get to be all dressed up and such. The only sad thing is that some other friends of mine will be out of town this weekend, so they won't be there. :(

Anyway, today I visited Greta's grandparents' house with her. Her grandparents are super funny. We talked out a bunch of ideas for Greta's essay on a poem by Auden called "That Night When Joy Began." READ IT. It's really good. I also went to FHE and had some good conversations with my roommates.

All is groovy. :)

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