Friday, May 7, 2010


(I found this in an old notebook I took to school with me.)
1. Playing the triangle is not for timid people.
2. You actually do need to study chemistry to get good grades.
3. Failing is not at all a joke.
4. Sometimes good people turn rotten; you have to leave them.
5. Sometimes bad people are really good; you just have to let them in.
6. Singing requires breathing.
7. Everyone eats mangoes differently.
8. It REALLY doesn't matter what other people think.
9. Having fun is easy. You just have to keep a smile pasted on all the time.
10. Boyfriends can be toxic.
11. Clinginess can get you somewhere.
12. People say things on the internet that they would never ever say in real life.
13. You don't have to love someone back.
14. True love is reciprocated.
15. Older brothers graduate. It's what they do.
16. The sunshine is good. Clouds are nice, but in the same way that it's nice to be depressed. Being happy is more splendiferousful.

(Some of the grammar sucks, and I'm a bit immature, but at least I had that much down when I was 16.)

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