Monday, May 31, 2010


This year I moved to Provo, Utah from the Southern Californian desert. Driving away from my hometown, as on any road trip, I passed these and several hundred other windmills on the way out:

(Photo: Jeff Turner)

Imagine my pleasant surprise when, from the top of Maeser hill, I spied these windmills on the edge of Utah Valley:

Last night, I had a conversation with a friend about what makes the place you live home. My parents moved to a new house while I was away at school, and so when I visit the desert, there are places more familiar to me than the house my family lives in. I was looking at a PostSecret book, and someone had sent in a card reading, "I want to go home. But I am home." It reminded me that (no offense, family; I'm excited to see you) I will probably wish I was back in Provo when I go back to the desert in about two weeks.

I think that this year, Provo has become more home to me than the desert. It amazes me how quickly it has become the setting for great memories, the milieu for my friends, and the backdrop for my life.

This I Believe essay in the works?


  1. last month, during one of my plane trips to missouri, the guy sitting next to me asked if i was from here (meaning missouri). and without even a pause to consider i said, 'nah, i'm from utah.'
    and i didn't even feel weird about it. i think that was the first time i said it so plainly like that. it used to be a i'm from chicago but i live in utah sort of thing.
    i'm happy provo is my home.
    in fact, the guy even said something like, '...utah, huh?...' with a sort of what a sucky place to be from tone. and i felt kind of defensive. i thought, 'oh yeah, cause missouri is so great.'

  2. This is exactly how I feel right now. I love being with my family, but it doesn't feel like home here. Having moved around so much as a kid, I kind of got to think that home is where your family is- and now I think it's more where YOU are. Where your life, your attachments, your work, and your thoughts live.

    Maybe for us, that's Utah now. I don't mind that in the slightest.

  3. Adam,

    I am pleased to live in Provo as well. And my favorite part of your story is the inner sarcasm at the end.


    Agreed! I can't wait until we're all back again. :)