Tuesday, May 19, 2009

And Now for a Proper Post about Prom...

Indeed. He was super handsome, I felt really pretty, and we had an amazing, wonderfully perfect night together.
Sometimes, in moments of brilliant color involving flashing lights and gorgeous clothes, high school can really be beautiful.
He picked me up around 4:30 and we went to a mutual guy friend's house, where we took a bunch of pictures together and with two other girls. Then we went to aforementioned boy's date's house, stopping on the way to see my date's mom at her work. She said how nice we looked and then sent us off. It was so nice talking to him in the car; we just talked about everything and he is such a gentleman. (so Darcy-esque) Eventually we all ended up going to dinner at Morton's, which is a really nice steakhouse here, and then we went to prom! We all danced all night and had a lovely time. Afterward, we went to a party briefly, but it was kind of boring, so my date and I went to a friend's house and hung out there for a while until he took me home. :)
It was very nice.

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