Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day!!!

Today was quite a lovely Mother's Day; I think my mom had a really great time and I saw my grandmother later today, which was very cool. :) I may have had a better time than both of them, however. Today in church I sang in a quartet with my sister and two other girls; we've been practicing the song for a while.
After church, our whole family sat around playing Apples to Apples together for an hour, waiting and waiting for Collin to call. Missionaries from the Mormon church only get 2 phone calls per year, one on Christmas and the other on Mother's Day. So today he called; we each talked to him and asked questions (with everyone there, of course) and we recorded the whole hour and seventeen minutes with GarageBand. :)
For another thing... we went to our grandparents' house later that day and had dinner together and stuff. Later that night, I was exploring the bookshelves and stuff, which I tend to do when I am there, and I found a binder of letters Grandma wrote to her parents while she was at college and dating Grandpa. It was so cool! I read a bunch of them aloud to everyone; it was so interesting to see how she wrote and behaved so close to my age. I loved it. Later in the binder, there was a journal Grandma's mom kept about her when she was little. It was extremely interesting, especially when I noticed similarities between her and myself. Dad wasn't surprised, however, since those come up all the time. :) I love her.

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