Monday, May 11, 2009

Word of the Day

A desperate need calls for desperate measures, and since I am in desperate need of something to write about, I have decided on a rather clever thing, I think. I looked up the word of the day on Merriam-Webster, and I am going to talk about whatever it makes me think of. 

This should be interesting.

And the word is.............................................

"whinge • \WINJ\  • verb

: to complain fretfully : whine"
The interesting thing about this word is that neither it nor "whine" were actually derived from one another; they have completely separate roots. I just had to say that because the page devoted an entire cute digression about it on the bottom of the screen.

Whinging, whinging, whinging...

What can I write about whinging?

I don't have a lot to whinge about, currently. The only thing I can think of in particular is that the AP Environmental Science test is tomorrow. Other than the fact that I have to go study for it, I am perfectly content.

Someone remind me to order a boutonierre for Saturday.

Good night, then.

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